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Indoor Portrait Photography - How You Can Make It Work

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When a lot of people think about photographing portraits inside, the very first thing they tend to think of is the photography studio setup using expensive lights. But you do not need this type of set up to capture excellent indoor photographs. Below are some ways for you to do a great job without the need for costly lights.

Tip 1 - Background

Using a heavy black background is a superb strategy to make use of any light you're working with. So some type of weighty black fabric works perfectly for this and you should have your lighting angled in such a way that it's shining slightly down and also to either side of the subject, creating a fairly professional looking portrait photograph effect.

Tip 2 - Shutter Speed

By setting your shutter speed a little higher than you'd normally use, you'll be able to fully utilize the light. You may want to mess around with this to figure out the ideal setting for each scenario.

Tip 3 - Testing

When you work indoors it's a good idea if you try out different configurations and placements for your lighting, client, backgrounds, camera position as well as camera settings.

Once you've carried out your experimentation you'll know exactly what the optimal setup is and you'll be ready to get straight into the shooting.

Tip 4 - Bounce Light

Some kinds of light can be a little severe when used in a photograph, so as an alternative to having your light aimed directly at your client what you should try is rebound the light off some sort of white reflecting surface and at your subject. This will soften the lighting and produce a gorgeous portrait.

Tip 5 - Practice

The more experience you have with shooting portrait photographs inside, the more proficient you'll be to appraise new shooting locations, and you'll be in a position to promptly call on that experience and make use of what you have available to you to produce excellent photos.

Photographing portrait indoors and away from a studio often takes some improvisation, but the more experience you've got with this type of photo taking, the better you'll be able to come up with answers to problems.

And like any other form of photography, the kind of equipment you use is going to play its part, so having a camera on hand that you are confident using for these type of jobs is an advantage.

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